Sunday, March 08, 2009

“This city here, They eat off the backs of the poor”: Breakdown FM Interview with Sess 4-5

This is an older interview, but a good one, that Davey D did back in August 2007 with local New Orleans rapper Sess 4-5, a cat who has been involved with organizing against the demolition of public housing and the lack of affordable housing here. He discusses the recovery efforts in N.O. over the previous two years and how hip-hop has been impacted by and had an impact on that process. He asks some key questions: how is it that such devastation and racism against black folks could happen in a city with a black police chief, black mayor, etc.? What kind of city is the local, state and federal government trying to rebuild? In whose interests? How are everyday folks dealing with and resisting the plans to exclude people of color from returning and rebuilding? Important perspectives on these questions have been discussed elsewhere, including here, but for the sake of this post we’ll let the interview speak for itself.

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